Timewarp – Dream in Base EP

Angelos Stoumpos a.k.a Timewarp clearly enjoys keeping himself busy as he runs not one, but two exceptional labels. The first is the always funky ‘Timewarp Music’ which is one we’ve brought you plenty of music from before. The second Kraak Records acts as a sublabel and explores every nook and cranny of the electronic music world. Limits, borders, and musical styles are things that the imprint do not adhere to, so if you’re looking for music to totally encapsulate your mind Kraak Records needs to be on your list of labels to check out.

The latest release to be rolled out by Kraak Records does in fact from Angelos himself, under his Timewarp guise. His ‘Dream In Base’ EP may well be a new release, but the four Drum n Bass tracks that can be found on it were actually cooked up back in 2000-2002 and were discovered while Angelos was digging through some old backup files (I know I’m not the only music fan who loves it when that happens). After giving them the once over he has what can only be described as a truly scintillating EP on his hands.

Welcoming us on to this mind enhancing journey is the title track of the EP and as far deep, atmospheric Liquid D n B tunes go, this is easily up there with the best of em! The next three tracks on the EP all come with heavy Jungle influences. ‘Dub Inferno’ you could say, is the tamest of the trio, but make no mistake, once this intriguing roller connects there’s no letting go and play it again you will. ‘Baba Break’ is the next up and with this one, you’re taken on a fierce yet totally euphoric ride that you just won’t want to get off. The final track ‘Empty Box’ is a collaboration between Timewarp and his very good friend and all-round D n B legend Intersperse. Their track finishes things off with a real bang as frenetic drums and rolling bass are woven in with intergalactic breakdowns that’ll take you to another dimension and to the end of this mind-blowing EP.

Word is that Angelos has even more tracks that have had the dust blown off them from 1995-2002 and he’s planning to release them in the future. After listening to this EP posted, we can’t wait to hear what he has in store for us!


Buy the ‘Dream In Base’ EP here on Bandcamp.


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