Timewarp Music – Freestyle 4 Funk 7 (Compiled by Timewarp)

We’ve been blown away by the amount of top-drawer Funk albums that have been released in just the last few months alone and here with another one, we have Timewarp Music‘s awesome 15 track ‘Freestyle 4 Funk 7’ that has been compiled by label boss Timewarp Inc. Having handpicked a selection of tracks from the label’s recent back catalogue in a kind of ‘best of 2018’ stylee, Timewarp has made sure he’s chosen tracks for any occasion. There are funk and beats that’ll charge you up for a good night out, and there are more lounge style tracks for those nights where going out is the last thing on your mind.

The first two tracks on the album are ‘Let’s Make This Party Jumpin’ by Funky Destination and Streamer‘s retake of his own tune ‘Mama’s Funky Life’ and you couldn’t ask for two more upbeat, brass-heavy and downright funky tracks than these to open proceedings! Timewarp pops up next with the first of two tracks found on the album ‘Tropicaliente’ feat. Georges Perin and just in case you’re in any doubts, beach, cocktails and sunshine are what this one’s all about. Sorraia‘s ‘Under The Jaguar Sun’ is a stunning track that’ll have you zoned out and locked on every step of the way with its hypnotic groove.

Niles Philips picks up the baton and tempo with a slice of mind-altering Psychedelic Funk ‘Pilgrim For A Day’ which is taken from his very recent ‘Fear Of Highs’ LP on Timewarp Music. To help realign your mind, Vito Lalinga delivers soothing Afro vibes to his super cool tune ‘Fela Mania’, while Koka Mass Jazz is bringing us downtown Funk and Soul at its finest as he joins forces with Tiffany Blu on ‘Play The Game’.

The Funkin’ Basstards open the funk taps to their fullest on the next track to be found which is their party ready ‘People Under The Snare’ feat. Kid Stretch and Selectah Kats and just when you thought things couldn’t get any funkier, up steps Ivan Blanusa with his brass drenched Jazz and Funk fusion ‘Loungin’. Jack & Jointz provide us with the only Reggae influenced track on the album ‘Coming Down’ and it’s powered by fat beats and the vocal of Jamaican singer Wild Life. We return to intoxicating Afro Funk on the next track as Vito Lalinga joins us for the second time with ‘African United Rhythm’.

Timewarp also has another track as mentioned above and this time he’s got for us the groovin’ Disco Funk version of his own track ‘Disco Girls’ which is an absolute treat on the ears. DJ Inko keeps the party flavour in full swing with his track ‘Big Brawl’ and this one might need dope testing because it sounds like a hefty amount of Funk steroids has been pumped into its veins, ooft! After the Funk rinsin’ of the last track, JazzProfilactika takes us on a Nu-Jazz detour with his suave and smooth ‘Calle De Cubo’. Closing the album we take another unexpected detour, this time right up into the dizzy heights of D n B! Fear not though because Simple Souls remix of ‘The Inside Man’ by the Funky Destination has a funky swagger all of its own and ends the album on a real high!

Once you’ve listened to ‘Freestyle 4 Funk 7’ in full, check out all of the artists further, because each track on the compilation album is connected to even more music in the form of EP’s and artist albums and when you do find it, we promise you you’ll love that as well.


Buy ‘Freestyle 4 Funk 7’ here on Bandcamp.


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