Tomi Chair ‘Rain For Struggle’

Within Exp welcomes Tomi Chair with the track ‘Rain For Struggle’ plus remixes from Dr Freebs, Aural Imbalance & Savvas

‘Rain For Struggle’ in original form is a poignant Deep/Progressive House track that builds to a sun lit crescendo of dreamy synths and breathless vocals, a perfect arrangement to bring the dancefloor up on a natural high. The sublime mid section harks back to the golden era of artists like Sasha, Leftfield & Brothers Love Dubs.

Dr Freeb flips the original into a deep, dubby and expansive electro rework for the late night revellers and those who like to kick back. The sparse and mysterious sub aquatic beats gradually work their way up to a euphoric finale with funky guitars and sweeping melodies.

Aural Imbalance venture into more Techno influenced territories for their rework. The cascading keys and oldskool synths are pure 90s and once again pay homage to that 92-93 era of golden house music classics.

Savvas goes for a more contemporary Deep House take on the original with subtle strings, beats and a bubbling underbelly of acid house esque keys while keeping close and faithful to the stunning Tomi Chair blueprint. Music of class and distinction to soothe your soul and make you dance at home or in the club.

Tomi Chair ‘Rain For Struggle’ [Within Records Exp] is available to purchase online from 23/04/18

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