TRY UNITY Neurons & Chemicals

Rave warriors, TRY UNITY release their first LP and its a must for all true rave lovers!!!

Neurons & Chemicals is the name of TRY UNITY’s debut LP and its everything a Hardcore Rave music maniac could wish for! The title track opens this 8 track LP on a deeper note binding elements of epic HYbrid style breakbeat with Techno, Trance and oldskool hoovers in energetic, stabby fashion with sweeping bass wobs and call and response style vocals perfect for hyping crowds.

‘Vibe Chasin’ is a pure Hardcore skank with quirky stab patterns,, punchy beats and Ragga style toasts. A funky rhythm with twisty keys and scratch samples that pack plenty of peak time party atmosphere!

‘Love Into Light’ is the quintessential vocal rave tune. Get transported back to 1992 in the company of Baby D, Rachael Wallace and Shades Of Rhythm with this pitch perfect, hands in the air vocal anthem complete with hooky singalong vocals, catchy piano and a Baby D style switch complete with robot announcement!

‘When You’re Gone’ is a slick modern take on oldskool with a variety of hoover FX, deep Reese bass and big euphoric drops that will make you feel warm and happy all over. Each section of this huge festival ready tune gets space to breathe and be enjoyed. This will send ’em wild!!!!

‘Rushed Me’ is classic off-kilter rave to the kick, hat, snare and bleep!! Favouring a scale thats still popular in much of today’s Leftfield House, Techno & Garage, the beats roll heavy in time to the trippy synths, detuned mentasms, pianos and woops!

Time for some more deep vocal rave. ‘Burning Up’ burns it up with enigmatic, progressive keys, acid 303s and anthemic piano with an unforgettable vocal.

‘True Desire’ ups the tempo to 155BPM for some Ramos & Supreme/JDS style anthemic Happy Hardcore with subtle kickdrums, bouncey breaks, elated bleeps, ecstatic piano and vocals that you just can’t help sing along to!

‘Unstoppable’ opts to round up a quality LP with a bit of experimental House/Techno that nods to artists like Crissy, KiNK and Calvin Harris’ new Love Generator alias. The melodies sit between oldskool and Garage and the vocals are pure PLUR straight from 1989. Just the message we need after Brexit, Bushfires and a worldwide pandemic, who can argue that its time to put the gloves down and work for the better good? And what better way to deliver the message than with a super catchy dance track?

TRY UNITY have put together a proper album, not just a random collection of tracks. Each tune is a piece in the puzzle, a milestone in the journey of an album that you can enjoy by just listening and a selection of dancefloor weapons all in one!

Artwork by Junior Tomlin

Pre-order date – 24th of April
Release Date – 1st of June
Available from

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