Tyrone Davis – In The Mood (X​-​Ray Tedit)

X-Ray Ted’s ‘Morning Coffee’ live streams on a Sunday morning have been an absolute joy to tune into during the lockdown era. His selection of low-slung and easy-going Funk, Soul and Disco tunes have eased the stresses and put any worries of what’s to come to one side for a few hours each week without fail.

To give you some idea of the flavour that flows in his shows, check out his super-smooth Breaks re-edit of Tyrone Davis‘ 1979 classic In The Mood that comes with an always welcomed dash of A Tribe Called Quest and some tasty new broken beats. Some of you will already have it because as he has already done a few times before, he dropped a free link in the Twitch chat during his show for those who had tuned in. For those who don’t yet have it, you’ve only got to part with £1 and because it’s so good, we’re sure you’ll not mind doing so.


Buy X-Ray Teds ‘Tedit’ here on Bandcamp.


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