Unknown Artist – Pillz Vol.1

Unknown Artist - Pillz Vol.1

Love cut and paste oldskool bangers? You need to hear Pillz Vol.1

As a late Gen X’er, I grew up listening to tapes full of tunes I could not ID. One tune really stuck out to me, years later it turned out to be Dave Charlesworth ‘Energizer 2a’, a mash up of several hardcore tunes. ‘Hardcore Bass’ and ‘E’s In Effect’ by Pillz follow a similar modus operandi, fusing so many rave bangers, you will need to be very attentive to spot them all!!!

Rather than naming all the diced up ‘ardcore delights, I prefer to summarise ‘Hardcore Bass’ as Dreamscape 4 in 6min 42secs. Everything gels together so well, you have to be a nerd like me to realise this isn’t an original tune per se. The skill that goes into merging all these different parts together is a skill in and of itself and ‘Hardcore Bass’ is the pleasing end result, you will play it over and over and over again, believe me, I do!

‘E’s In Effect’ is the ‘Fantazia’ experience if you will. The choice of cuts lean in favour of the underground Jungle Tekno sound a la Ray Keith, DJ SS and Ellis Dee. Frantic, manic and I tell ya….watch yer bassbins when the needle drops on this bad boy. Get your vinyl copy by clicking the link below and prepare to skank a hole in your carpet!!!

Unknown Artist – Pillz Vol.1

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