V/A – Best of 2020 (theBasement Discos)

Despite the world descending into a full-scale meltdown last year, theBasement Discos helped keep spirits sky-high with release after release of some of the very best and most uplifting House music on the planet and to celebrate the huge year it had, the Spanish label has handpicked a handful of its best moments to feature on Best of 2020 compilation album.

In total, 20 tracks have been selected and as a body of music, you’ll do well to find another one that’ll leave you feeling as good and as re-energised as this one will, which is in part down to the amount of classic House piano, horns, vocals and groove that has been generously spread throughout the album. A few of those who are intent in making the sun shine bright in your life include Jazzman Wax, Off Point, Harvey Touch, Larry Houl, Hotmood and Igor Gonya. We can’t think of a better way to dance off the lockdown blues, so clear the floor, press play and do what you’ve gotta do to make you happy.


Buy Best of 2020 here on Bandcamp.


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