V/A – Chillhop Essentials Winter 2021 (Chillhop Music)

Chillhop Essentials is a blissful and heart-warming compilation series from Chillhop Music that moves hand-in-hand with the changing of the seasons and because the Chillhop crew are based in the Netherlands, we’re presented with their stunning winter collection.

Featuring on Chillhop Essentials Winter 2021 are 29 instrumental Hip Hop tracks that have been infused with elements of Jazz, Funk and Trip Hop to create those magical moments in time where it’s just you and the music. Thanks for those priceless moments must of course go to the highly-skilled producers who, as you’re going to hear, have all stepped up to the plate on this compilation and delivered a sublime and captivating mini-masterpiece that will act as some kind of force field to repel all of the anxiety, uncertainty and stress that’s swirling around out there in the real world right now.

There’s over an hours worth of gorgeous winter soundscapes and cosy beats to enjoy here, so stay in your pyjamas all day, order in that takeaway and have a proper lazy one while your mind, body and soul is massaged by the magical beats and pieces found not only on this compilation featured, but in Chillhop Music’s back catalogue also, which has to be said is massive!

Just in case you’ve hurried to the play button, the player above starts at track 15 and not track one, so if you’re wondering why things have been wrapped up a bit sooner than you thought, that may be why.

Buy all of the music here on Bandcamp.

Links for Chillhop Music :

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