V/A – Discoholics Anonymous 2 (Discoholics Anonymous Recordings) [Free DL]

Discoholics Anonymous is a dedicated Disco blog fronted by Ken Avalon aka Discoholic Ken and MartinMax. Arriving on the scene in December 2019, the duo had huge plans to use their blog to highlight all of the biggest and best Disco influenced grooves that would be used to pack out the dancefloors throughout 2020 and beyond and well, we all know what happened next. Did the pandemic deter them though? In short, no. Instead, it just spurred them on to share and fill the airwaves with that undeniable positivity that pours out of pretty much every Disco track on the planet!

Fast forward to the summer of 2020 and Ken and Martin found that even though their blogging was satisfying their desire to spread the word of Disco, they both knew they needed to take things up a notch and so Discoholics Anonymous Recordings was founded. Because of the passion and love they’d put into their blog and the scene in general as DJ’s and producers, many of today’s Disco making legends have rocked up with many red-hot releases to make DAR’s back catalogue one that you’re just gonna love dancing your way through.

As well as artist releases, DAR also has its flagship Discoholics Anonymous compilation on the go to and because it was the imprints second Christmas in existence, volume 2 was rolled out mid-December 2021 with 17 must-have treats on board and just like volume one, the whole compilation is yours for free if you so wish. Some of the generous souls who have given up their music for free on volume 2 include Igor Gonya, C. Da Afro, Lup Ino, G Prajekt, Andy Buchan and Ferdinand Debeaufort and along with the rest of the crew, they deliver the required grooves to bring out only your best moves!

Get all of the music for free here on Bandcamp.

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