V/A – Toxic Funk presents Boots of Paradise (Breakbeat Paradise)

When the Breakbeat Paradise crew drop a new compilation, we’re getting involved! This is because we already know they’ll have picked a stellar lineup of producers who will each have a banger of some kind or another with them to feature on it and surprise, surprise, that’s just what they’ve gone and done! The new compilation is “Toxic Funk Presents: Boots of Paradise” and on this one are 13 more of those types of re-edits that you’re just gonna have to have in your music collection!

Fusing together classic Funk, Soul and Hip Hop cuts with a varied selection of party-resplendent broken beats and basslines on this latest compilation, we’ve got well-established re-imaginators of the scene such as Jayl Funk, who sets the tone of the comp perfectly with his party-fueled rocket “Keep On Bumpin”. Crash Party drops in with his meaty, menacing and bass-heavy Hip Hop bomb “The Juice”, label co-founder BadboE serves up a funky first half and Disco-tinged second half of entertainment in his “Poor Folks Party” re-edit and legendary beatsmith Morlack joins the party with his Disco-driven Breaks joint “Fall In Love” that’s all about groove and good times.

Also featuring on the comp are a handful of names who may be not so familiar to fans of the Funk n Breaks scene. The first of those is Boydex who makes “Phat Bass Funk to get your booty moving” and his slick and brass-toting “B-boy Stance” will get those behinds doing just that. Next up is Suckaside, who might be a new name to some, but is actually the formidable pairing of Sucka Timmy and B-Side. Their weighty and piano-ladened “Hard To Love” bobs along at a beatdown friendly pace and brings the level of class you’d expect to hear from this duo. Bournemouth based LROY is another producer whose music only stokes up the fire on the floor and his extra-solid and brass-heavy Wu-Tang flip “Ice Cream” will have the party faithful bouncing like they’re on hot coals!

Notable mentions must of course go out to Towlie DJ, Mako & Mr Bristow, Aliens In Denmark, The Breakbeat Junkie and Pecoe who, along with the others mentioned, join forces on a comp that delivers a whole lot of funk and a whole lot of fun!

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