V/A – FreeFat 8 (Big Fat Mama Beats)

The ever productive Breakbeat imprint Big Fat Mama Beats returns with volume 8 of its hugely popular FreeFat EP series and on this edition are 7 heavy-hitters that have all the get-up-and-go to help aid you in your quest to move away from the sacred last hole of the belt, despite the EPs title.

Setting us up nicely for an action-packed Breakbeat adventure are Mister Rich and label co-founder Wiccatron with an Acid Breaks rework of The Prodigy‘s classic Smack My Bitch Up. The Prodigy gave it the thumbs up themselves over on Instagram and it’s a big thumbs up from us here too! Next up is our blogging-brother Pecoe and to make sure the airwaves are kept well alight, he drops his trusty Funky Breaks thwack to Jungle Brothers’ ’97 classic Jungle Brother (True Blue). Our favourite South African producer Sonale (shhh, he’s the only one we know) follows and brings the filth big time! Gotta Move is his free offering and it’s gnarly bassline, kick-ass beats and blueys twist will easily make the listener sit up and take notice of what the hell is going down.

Things get a bit deeper, a bit darker and a whole lot more intense next as The Funk Philosopher rocks up with his gritty Breakbeat roller Back 2 Funk while Leygo goes full-on cosmic with a spaced-out Electro influenced Breaks revamp of Rapture by Blondie. All hell breaks loose thanks to Sir-Vere and the remix of their own track Drop Dead Gorgeous next and if grungy, no-holds-barred Big Beat is your thing, prepare to be blown away! Dj Sketti brings things to a close with his menacing and grime-filled More Fiyah. If it feels like your speakers are on their last legs, this tune will finish them off so beware! Fill your boots with all or just some of the free tracks available below.


Download each track for free here :

1. Mister Rich & Wiccatron – Smack My Breaks Up
(dl: hypeddit.com/track/034frc)

2. Pecoe – Jungle Bro
(dl: hypeddit.com/track/43oela)

3. Sonale – Gotta Move
(dl: hypeddit.com/track/5qgg26)

4. The Funk Philosopher – Back 2 Funk
(dl: hypeddit.com/track/a1gzer)

5. Leygo – Re-Rapture
(dl: hypeddit.com/track/6bxatp)

6. Sir-Vere – Drop Dead Gorgeous (S-Vas Mix)
(dl: hypeddit.com/track/hlst03)

7. Dj Sketti – More Fiyah
(dl: hypeddit.com/track/6npnm3)


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