VA-The Isolated EP [Laboria Park]

Who’s up for some lush Deep House? Laboria Park have you covered with a great VA

The EP kicks off with the haunting, harmonius crackles and out of body strings of Asphalt Layer ‘Begin Detroit’, a shimmering start to the prestigious proceedings.


Daniel Ray’s ‘Ex Machine’ extracts the soul from the machine and makes it breathe in a warm, quirky manner on a subtle shuffle through melancholic strings.


MSM.DE94’s ‘Hate’ gazes into the stars through the medium of astral chords and sharp intakes of synth on perhaps the darkest cut on this EP


Washington Pozzi’s ‘Drummha’ closes with a weightless feel, the sweeping chords take flight over Detroit on a 3am night journey. Refined sounds for inquiring minds.


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