VA- Rugged Riddimz Vol 1

Whats that you say? A new VA called ‘Rugged Riddimz Vol 1’ on Ghetto Dub? With 4 killer cuts of Jungle & DnB? Oh Gosh!

Sound Shifter returns to the label with tune that would be a tank if it was a vehicle! A towering jungle rinse out with a nod to the classic ‘Champion Sound’ by Q Project

Rassterlin offers a fierce slice of dark ragga jungle to get the ravers in a frenzied skank! D.A.R.K n’ Heavy with a touch of Ray Keith to the style and sound

Subcriminal will have ravers jumpin’ up to the bubblin’ bass and dancehall reggea stylings of his contribution to ‘Rugged Riddimz Vol 1’

Galvatron cuts and slices the amens for a bass molotov cocktail of a tune with quirky soul/funk samples

Dubtime gets our vote here with an update to ‘Worries In The Dance’ that harks back to 99′ era Urban Takeover with a killer 2 step and rolling b line combo a la Finn & Aphrodite

Buy ‘Rugged Riddimz Vol 1’ on Ghetto Dub From Juno

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