VA-Spring [Cosmetiq]

Cosmetiq presents a wonderful Spring VA featuring 5 tracks of tranquil, dreamy electronica

This lush compilation warms up with Wurrm ‘Degrees Of Separation (Cosmetiq Dub)’, a slow, bubbling. musical stream of deep bass and gentle bleeps. Dream Conspiracy’s ‘Space (Cosmetiq Dub)’ opens with proggy guitars and mellow, Lo-Fi beats. The spacey keys and dubby guitars build to an 80’s electro inspired crescendo of pure chill.

Charles & The Fury’s ‘Lost Forms’ is mind expanding, beatless techno with gorgeous flutes, grace and grandiosity. innrVoice’s ‘We Will Never Reach The Stars’ harks back to 80s electronica a la Tangerine Dream, powerful, sweeping and emotive. myk. ‘Evelyn’ closes out with spacial future soul, shades of grime and a whole lot of minimalistic brilliance. Your essential spring soundtrack!

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