Various Artists – Escapism 4

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Liquicity presents vol 4 of the prestigious DnB VA comp ‘Escapism ‘ Things get off to a bright and sunny start with the uptempo dazzler, Filite ‘Between Sun & Sky’ and the positive vibes continue with sweet vocal roller, Feint ‘Take It In’ (Hybrid Minds Remix) with vocals from Koven

Blue Marble mix airy guitars with firing drumbeats for ‘Feel Good’ while Monroe Ft Emily Jones provide some classic Liquid heat with ‘Dawning’ (Technimatic Remix)

Things get warm and jazzed up with Edlan ‘Horizon’ before they get dreamy and hazy with the deep piano excursion of Dualistic ‘Station Six’

Monroe offer a second serving of refined rolling DnB with ‘Winters Touch’ followed by the melody-rich techy beats of HumanNature & Tarz’ ‘Connection’

We enter the deeper side of the jungle with  Bachelors Of Science ‘Beats Still Own The Rhythm (Pola & Bryson Remix)’ and pass through to the early morning brightness of Silence Groove ‘Autumn Plains’

Who can’t love the contrasting dark/light dynamics of Nelver ‘Save Yourself’ and the soulful vocals of Nymfo ‘Appletree’?

Shiny Radio injects some playful funk into the mix with ‘A Million Colours’. Rameses B gets experimental with ‘Stranded’ while Actraiser brings a ton of emotion and power to ‘Glow Worm’

We finish with a final soul injection supplied by Phaction with ‘Echo’ And so comes to a close another spectacular selection of Liquid DnB. Get right on it!

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