Vibes & Hattrixx- Tonight/Hold On

Seminal underground rave imprint, Stormtrooper Recordings relaunches as Return Of The Vibe with a huge debut EP featuring Vibes & Hattrixx

This is how you relaunch a record label! Every oldskool rave obsessive knows about Vibes & Wishdokta. Well this time it’s Vibes & Hattrixx but when you hear these tracks, it’s as if a couple of Vibesy and Grant Nelson jams had been discovered on a long lost DAT tape!

‘Tonight’ takes it back to Vibesy circa 1994 with a thumping mix of kicks and breaks, House/Garage style melodies and powerhouse, euphoric piano just like back in the day!

‘Hold On’ is a 92 banger along the lines of ‘Sing It Loud’ with soul/R&B vocals and rolling hardcore/jungle tekno sounds- the kind DJs like Ellis Dee would have rinsed at Fantazia! Pure oldskool hardcore with the pristine production skills of a legend and a renowned studio wizard that ensure that the spirit is preserved but the beats and bass are 2019 standard!

All vinyl purchases include an entry to a competiton to win a BMX!

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