Vinyl Is Better Vol 8

Its No8 in the Kniteforce compilation series and the musical treats are very strong thanks to DS1, Sublove, Abyss, Sunny & Deck Hussy plus more

Talk about a strong start! Vinyl Is Better 8 starts with a track from rave royalty, NRG. ‘Deeper’ is a mixture of eerie techno, early Reinforced style Hardcore and a bit of proto jungle and it sounds truly amazing

DJ Beeno’s amen roller ‘Fly Tonight’ is a powerful emotive track with a forlorn mellow vocal section, Disclosure style keys and a bit of 94 Hardcore stylings all rolled up

Gorhika Shade’s ‘Dazzler’ packs in Hardcore Techno, jungle breaks, sublime drops and constant key progressions and alternate sections that defy convention for a seismic burst of original Hardcore energy

DJ Dossa provides the classic rave fix we’ve been craving for with ‘Keep Moving’ treads the 1994 path with precision and authenticity from the oldskool amens to the stunning piano

Beeno & Bradders get eclectic with a unique fusion of soul, reggae and off kilter Hardcore ‘All Through The Night’ in true Kniteforce style

Things take a pitch black dark turn on The Pulse ‘Goodbye Mr President’ where the beats pound holes in the ground and the hoovers roar with pure malice and an ominous snippet of a famous Harry S Truman speech

Abyss pays homage to the Sega Megadrive beat em up ‘Streets Of Rage’ with `Rage On The Streets’ reworking samples from Yuzo Koshiro’s brilliant soundtrack and samples from the games into a slick amen roller

Sunny & Deck Hussy’s ‘Style Again’ takes influences from Rhythm For Reasons ‘Grand National’ but offers a whole lot more with Dubstep style basslines and a brief but brilliant dose of out of this world rave piano

DS1, fresh from an excellent KF White EP contributes ‘E’ s In Overdrive’, a stabby 91/92 style track that alternates between kickdrums and breakbeats with a very Kniteforce style sped up guitar sample midway

Industries Of The Blend get Euro Rave centric with the race ‘Don’t Think’, a track with strong influences of early Q Ted and Ultrasonic with distinctly Euro stabs and slamming breakbeats with a side of grizzly techno riffage and mentasms

It’s time to get your stomp on for the powerstomp of Empyreal’s remix of Luna C & Reeve’s ‘A Million Miles’ where a poppy vocal meets increasingly hard but happy kicks and keys with plenty of elated moments

And to complete, an absolute treat for Digital collectors of rare Hardcore, Sublove’s ‘Drum and Bass Program’ mashes up the lead from Orlando Voorn aka Frequency ‘Kiss The Sky’ into an effervescent cauldron of sped up Hip Hop beats and euphoric drops with a 92 Suburban Base style sound

Pre Sale starts 09/04/2020 via Kniteforce Bandcamp

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