VINYL JUNKIE – SAMPLE PACK VOL 2 – OLDSKOOL / JUNGLE / D&B | Vinyl Junkie | Ghetto Dub Recordings

Vinyl Junkie presents a comprehensive set of samples that will have any budding producer well on their way to crafting a killer Jungle/DnB tune!!!!

For the oldskool aficionado, the drum breaks, loops, FX in this massive sample pack will conjure up memories of 3 decades plus of the biggest tunes. included are 20 amen breaks from the original Winston Bros right up to fierce 170bpm plus iterations of the most famous breakbeat ever.

There is a selection of subs with great names like ‘Amused Alien’ and ‘Psycho Elephant’, face melting hoovers, a wide variety of kicks, snares, hats, and percs loops (often heard in the intro of a track and throughout) in the DnB/Jungle tempo. Also included are dub sirens, reverse kicks and semi snares, in other words, all the elements needed to make your next DnB Banger!!!

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