WBBL – Keep Me (Free Download)

After blogging loads of his music over the years, LSM is right at the front of the queue in admiration of WBBL’s work and if we ever needed to remind you why we love his music, this remix is what you need to listen to so as you know why.

The remix is WBBL’s take on The Black Keys ‘Keep Me’ and as far as Glitch Hop monsters go, this is by far the biggest one we’ve encountered so far. The bluesy rock intro from the original opens the track and as is standard on a WBBL track, the beats are extra fat and chunky. What you might not be ready for though is the bass which will rattle your rib cage and pretty much everything else around you. The louder you play it, the fiercer it gets, so you know what to do with that volume dial.


Download ‘Keep Me’ here on Hypeddit.


Links for WBBL :

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