WBBL – Real Smartly Titled EP

WBBL has described the music on his new ‘Real Smartly Titled’ EP as having a “little bit of Ghetto Funk, little bit of House, little bit of DnB, ALL FUNK”. Whilst we can confirm that his new music is indeed ‘ALL FUNK’, what we do have to clear up is the fact that there’s nothing little about any of the 4 free tracks on his new EP and they are all in fact as big, as bouncy and as bass-driven as ever!

The first two tracks ‘WHTBY’ and ‘Lines’ very much fall under the Ghetto Funk tag. They both smack damn hard and they both possess enough bass to shake loose your gaff from its footings! ‘Gareth Merengue’ is another one of WBBL’s huge wonky Bass House bangers that’ll cause a frenzy on the floor and although the final track ‘Coconut’ is a DnB tune, it’s the smoothest of the lot. There’s plenty in the tank to get you up and moving, but the rolling bassline and tropical flavour on this one may come as a welcome relief from the brutish bass of the music gone before. Grab this funky bunch for free, or pay what you can on the link below.


Download WBBL’s EP for free or pay what you like here on Bandcamp.


Links for WBBL :

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