We Take Polaroids- Save Me LP

We Take Polaroids’ ‘Save Me’ LP is a wonderful experience from start to finish that will put a huge smile on your face.

Listening to the new album by We Take Polaroids is a reflective and enjoyable experience. Starting with the mellow half step rhythms and lovestruck vocals of ‘Take Me Back’ the album continues on a super smooth trajectory with the tropical grooves of ‘Saturday Nite.’

The title track blends Soul Funk with wonderfully Jazzy synths and slow jam beats. The machine soul carries on with the slick sounding R&B of ‘What U Do’ and explores classic 70s soul with a WTP twist on the mellow greatness that is ‘Without U.’

‘Waiting’ is the head nodders jam of the album with lovely riffs and percussion supporting the brilliant vocals. ‘Feel So Good’ flips the 90s slow jam into a melodic and melancholic slice of lush dream pop amd this exquisite LP closes with a massive dose of soul warming synth soul in ‘How Ya Feel.’ Get this incredible album in your earbuds!

Release Date TBC

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