We’re Not Dead, Vol. 4 [WareHouse Wax]

We're Not Dead, Vol. 4 [WareHouse Wax]

There’s no Hardcore Rave revival without Warehouse Wax!! Vinyl Junkie presents the fourth volume of the ‘We’re Not Dead’ compilation series with a new 14 track album featuring label stalwarts and new blood. Prepare your ears for a fresh take on the Hardcore continuum where 90s Rave bleeds into mid 90s Jungle and 2021 DnB. The next evolution of Hardcore is here!!!! https://www.junodownload.com/products/were-not-dead-vol-4/5215182-02/

So let’s dive into the tracklist!

Traffik ‘Dreamland’

I’ve only heard 2 tracks by this producer. Both of them rank in my personal fave latter day Hardcore tunes. How do I describe it? I suggest you listen but I can summarise by calling it ‘beastly badboy Jungle Tekno.’ Think Smooth But Hazardous, Tango & Ratty, Nebula II and NRG circa 92/93 and you’re some ways there but better still, just crank up the volume on this utter filth and ignore your neighbours!!!

Sikka ‘The Grip’

DnB/Jungle rudeboy, Sikka channels a bit of that Ibiza Recs 91 to 93 sound for a bit of Road Rash mayhem where the bleeps meet the wobs ready to kick your door down!!!

The DJ Producer ‘Bring The Orchestra’

From a renowned DJ & Producer, you know to expect something that bucks the trend and BANGS!!! Well, this is the business!!! Take a fast AF NWA/Kid Unknown amen break, menacing Jungle Tekno/Basement stabs, chipmunk vocals and a wee bit of DJPC’s ‘Insomniac’ and you have this whirlwind of a tune! Pretty darn special I’m sure you will agree!!!

Vinyl Junkie ‘Almighty’

Vinyl Junkie offers a fresh take on that deep, dubby style that is a signature of his productions. I’m always looking for an excuse to pull out a Twin Peaks quote and an apt one is Agent Dale Cooper’s ‘black as midnight on a moonless night’ for this absolute destroyer of a tune. Testicular fortitude is not just recommended,, it’s a requirement!!!

Sanxion ‘Curve Calculator’

A studio wizard and a mathematician, Sanxion provides a refresh on the 93/94 Nookie/Foul Play/Omni Trio with a ravey mystic stepper to get you in the zone.

Sikka ‘Bring It Live’

Another killer tune in that mid 90s Moving Shadow vibe albeit a bit darker. There’s a really cool breakdown with timestretched beats and vocal stabs on a track that combines decades of Hardcore Jungle into one beefy roller!

ScattyOne ‘Selectah’

You can’t help but think of Noise Factory’s ‘Straight From The Bedroom’ when you hear Selectah.’ Maybe its the detuned rave pianos at 170 plus BPM but there’s much more to this Hardcore DnB sheller!!! Wobs, spinbacks, 808s, hoovers, the whole package and then some!!!

Mad Vibes ‘How Much Can You Take’

Here’s a track that could find it’s way into one of SHERELLE’s sets. It definitely has that 160/Footwork/Speed Rave thing going on with a fiery stab pattern, trancey strings and rumbling bass!

X-E-Dos ‘My Soul’

A proper amen tune with lots of interesting FX and percs. A paced teaser tune where a big Bukem style drop appears midway to pile on the atmosphere!

Radiokillaz ‘My Kung Fu’

Remember those Ed Rush tunes from the early 00’s? Rkz take things in a disturbing, heart palpitating, dread inducing direction with a slice of extra-dark Jungle!!!

Kingsize ‘Forbidden’

Time Tunnel boss, Kingsize takes us on an amen break fuelled journey through the Amazon. The since 94′ combo of deep strings, spoken word excerpts and rolling amens never sounded so good!!!

Mshcode ‘In Your Mind’

More Deep Jungle tings with Aussie Junglist, Mshcode! Mind bending chords, manipulated FX and amen thunder!!!!

Kazumi Anzai ‘Spotlight’ (Kazan Remix)

Something a little different with clever production, unique beat patterns and a mixture of Juno style synths and deep-cut basslines for an out of space vibe!

DJ Nee ‘Work It’

And so it ends fittingly with another stalwart of the Rave revival and Warehouse Wax. Our Antipodean friend and all round Hardcore legend, DJ Neebrings things to a close with a massive slice of his signature uplifting pianocore!!!! Far from daed, very much alive and kicking!!!


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