WhyPeopleWar – Fundraiser for Ukraine Vol 1 & Vol 2 (whypeopledance)

After sharing a huge 136 track Drum and Bass and Bass-music compilation from the Kyiv based Together With Ukraine collective who are raising money for the Ukrainian Red Cross, we now bring you 140 tracks of Deep Electronica, House, Indie Dance and Techno from the Lithuanian label and collective whypeopledance, who are also raising money for the same charity through the power of music.

Split into two hefty volumes, WhyPeopleWar came together in just three days thanks to the hard work, dedication and togetherness of the artists who knuckled down to create their masterpieces and the various studios who got all of the music mastered in record time for it all to hit the shelves to start raising some money. With so much solidarity being shown around the world, it’s clear to the ear that the collective’s hearts and minds are with the people of Ukraine during this terrible time.

Because both volumes are comprised of an extremely talented and global band of producers, you can expect to hear a wide-ranging selection of top-drawer beats and pieces. There are deep and emotive tracks that will pull hard on the heartstrings, while there are others that have the power and presence to remove you from reality for just a few minutes, only to then slot you back in with a clear mind and new energy. Whilst wandering through the mesmerizing music, you’ll also come across a decent amount of intense and driving grooves that have the dancefloor firmly in mind and from time to time, you will come across some truly wild soundscapes and you’ll know when you hear them!

Get stuck into both volumes and then, if you can, snap them up and bag a bonanza of beats while doing your bit for a very worthwhile cause.

Buy both volumes here on Bandcamp.

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