Windom R – The Prodigy Bootlegs – Voodoo People / Smack My Bitch Up

Rune Recordings resident Windom R hits us with two massive remixes of two massive tracks by his favourite band in the world and the one that got him and Rune’s bosses into Breakbeat in the first place, The Prodigy.

‘Voodoo People’ is the first of the two iconic tracks to be remixed by Windom R and his take presents us with a deep, chuggy Breaks roller that builds brilliantly as it unfolds and has plenty of touches from the original track to have you rockin’ out on the dance floor. ‘Smack My Bitch Up’ is next in line for some Windom R treatment and this remix is by far the heavier of the two with much tougher broken beats and an anarchic edge that’ll fire up anyone that comes into contact with it!

Both remixes are a gesture of respect to The Prodigy’s amazing music and that really shows in Windom R’s well-thought-out remixes. Both are free so go grab em!




Links for Windom R :

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