Wislov- From Another World EP

Lets rave! With the man from another world, Wislov and his new EP on the Breed imprint

The breakbeat hardcore veteran from Spain has a new, first class EP featuring 4 diverse and innovative NuSkool Rave tracks. ‘Your Mind’ is a furious, energy fueled rave fest from the faster side of 1992, the kind of tune you might have heard in a DJ Seduction set around that time. ‘Do You Wanna Stay’ is evocative with with breathless vocals, Early rave influenced synth sounds and firing junglistic beats, a mysterious powerhouse!

‘From Another World’ revisits the classic Euro sound of DJ Professor and Capella in epic fashion. Big, punchy keys and tons of classic vox from the golden era combine with the uplifting sounds of Euro rave nostalgia in hyperspeed mode!

‘Give Up The Funk’ is a celebration of Motown breakbeats ( at 11+!), cool scratches and heavy hitting rapid fire stab sections. There’s a bit of Production House to this last one, a label we know Wislov is fond of. Our man from the¬†Mediterranean¬† quite literally hits the nail on the head when it comes to authentic and captivating hardcore tunes!

Buy from Bandcamp, available 28/01/19

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