Wolf Story – Funk Ya (Wax Worx Remix)

Wax Worx on the remix of Wolf Story ‘Funk Ya’? Oh you bet that is going to be damn funky! The man who recently remixed 91 classic ‘Dominator’ by Human Resource opens a trunk of funk, soul & hip hop for a BIG slice of 2017 style funky house music!

Maybe it’s us but we can’t help being reminded of Jason Nevin’s chart topping remix of Run DMC ‘It’s Like That’ when we listen to Wax Worx’ masterful rework of Wolf Story ‘Funk Ya’ out now on Erase Records. There’s something about the steadily rising beats, the snippets of B Boy 80’s hip hop, the claps, the scratches and the wall to wall bass action of this remix that makes us want to start busting moves on a mat!

Everything builds to a crescendo of oldskool rap nostalgia that goes into overdrive for a fever pitched drop. The fun and good times continue with spinbacks, more rap vox and a full build of thumping kicks. Here’s a tune to truly rock the nation!

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