World Bboy Classic 2019 (21FlooR Records)


21Floor Records is a brand new label coming straight outta Ukraine and it seems it’s going to one that is very much centred around a Breakbeat sound that the B-Bboys and B-Girls out there are gonna absolutely love, especially if it’s brand new ‘World Bboy Classic 2019’ compilation album is anything to go by! Don’t worry if you don’t have the moves to compete when the two tribes go to war on the floor though, because a very pleasurable listening experience is there to be had. If you’re needing to sharpen up your new moves though, you can expect to hear tough Breakbeat jams from the like of Cosmic EFI, Funky Boogie Brothers, Tutu Au Mic, Haksolo and many more. Let the battle commence!


Buy ‘World Bboy Classic 2019’ here on Bandcamp.


Links for 21FlooR Records :

Soundcloud / Twitter

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