Wurm-Nocturne EP

Wurm serves up a platter of warm Future Garage to massage your ears.

Beginning with the vinyl crackles, ambient swell and inspirational spoken word samples of ‘A New Life’, Wurm swims into the great deep with booming basslines.

‘You Keep Me Waiting’ is a graceful, impassioned and expansive rhythm with uplifting pianos, a rasping bassline and slamming 2 step beats.

‘My Love’ surges with sprawling, enigmatic melodies, snatches of classic UK/US Garage organ keys. Here is a tune that could easily fit into a conventional UKG set with its gunshot samples and dubby atmosphere.

‘I Think Of Tomorrow’ floats into breakbeat territory with blissful keys, filled with melancholic beauty.

Title track ‘Nocturne’ is true to its name with bluesy keys and a haunting vibe. Overall, an essential collection of Future Garage gems!

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