X-161- Alternative Architecture 11

Future Zine presents Alternative Architecture 11 featuring dark early 00s Techstep inspired sounds by X-161

‘Revitalization’ is the first track on X-161 ‘Alternative Architecture 11’, a dark, sparse and reverb loaded revisit to the era of DnB anthems like Doc Scott ‘Shadow Boxing’

‘Dispatch’ opens with junglistic beats before switching to a menacing metallic march of the machines, sinister spoken word samples and outer space synth stabs. You might expect the track to switch back into jungle mode but it doesn’t! A unique twist on the genre, something David Lynch himself would be proud of if he made electronic dance music or IDM.

‘Shadow Project’ goes deeper into the ether, a fear loaded techno/grime shuffle with grissly drone bass and hoovers. This is how you take things forward and keep things fresh.

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