X-E-Dos – Rescue Center

Ruff Guidance present 5 tracks of technically brilliant, heavy artillery Jungle/DnB from X E Dos

We begin with the eerie chants of ‘Chapter II’ that hark back to the brutalist sound of late 90s Metalheadz with unremitting drums and ferocious earbass growls

‘People Don’t Change’ opens with horrorific spoken samples and a stepping beat. X E Dos cranks up the dank dial on this one with super gnarly acidic bass and layer upon layer of pure drumfunk

Its time for a bit of satire with ‘Jane Fonda’s Amen Workout’, an amusing title that finds form in a R&B style groove and shuffling oldskool amens that demonstrate a mellower side to X E Dos’ production

‘Artificial Perfection’ (Perfectly Artificial Mix) throws it back into the insidious darkness with another pure Techstep monster that exudes terror from the breakneck beats through to the cinematic nightmare like chords

‘Jane Fonda’s Amen Workout’ [Bay B Kane VIP] provides the perfect closure to this EP with extra ambience and super deep subs to compliment the chilled strings


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