X E Dos- Set Loose EP

X E Dos delivers four cuts of premium techstep for the DnB heads on Ghetto Dub!

If you love your DnB dark, disturbing and highly technical, X E Dos will scratch that (Technical) itch with these four killer tracks! Flutey mixes some famous flutes (think Demons Theme) with some propa’ dark 00s style techstep, crunchy beats, scary stabs and all!

Jibber opens with a long, haunting intro before releasing the bass hounds on heat! Beats pummel, the machines make terrifying yet brilliant sounds!

Mescaline Paranoia continues the theme of Ed Rush style early 00s techstep with spooky melodies, slamming breaks and mutant bass hard enough to melt your face off!!!

Yosemite blends melodic liquid elements with a rinsing bassline and stepping beats for a nice intelligent roller to finish off a fine EP!


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