Yoshiyuki Ota – Everything is Just Spinning // Pink And Yellow

Japanese producer Yoshiyuki Ota has recently released two free tracks that showcase the dark and deep and the light and bright sides to his 4/4 led sound brilliantly. Hitting play on his first track Everything Is Just Spinning will result in you descending into a cosmic and mesmerizing soundscape where a devilishly deep groove will have you hook, line and sinker. To help bring you back to some kind of reality, the second track Pink And Yellow brings a kaleidoscope of sounds and synths that paint a much more colourful picture in the mind with a busy 4/4 beat that gives it some serious dancefloor potential, especially when the tide is turning and it’s time to raise the intensity on the floor.



Links for Yoshiyuki Ota :

Soundcloud / Spotify

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