Z-NEO : New Hope EP

Z-NEO delivers a hardcore rave fix on Rave Radio Records that every hardcore Raver needs to hear and own!

Z-NEO delivers a crisp EP of analogue sounding breakbeat hardcore gold nuggets. The fun begins with ‘Whatever It Takes’ where homage to several oldskool anthems is noticeable among the bright riffs and elated bleeps. Some skanking goodness to set the mood going forward.

‘Into Blue’ straps a rocket to the clean and crisp breaks and that rocket quickly detonates into pure musical mayhem before its hands akimbo time for the raviest of ravey drips followed by some Prodigy inspired buzzsaw business!

‘For Your Love’ employs the JB Funky Drummer break SMD style (for those who know) with catchy landlord riffs and angry bass barrages made for that moment when the raves reopen.

‘Keep Coming’ skips and bounces with muscly stabs and a little bit of the old Belgian Techno. A saccharine sweet vocal implores to ‘Keep It Coming’ ushering in a huge slice of Liam Howlett influenced madness and fun!

Included as a bonus digital track to acompany the vinyl ’89 Voyage’ is a cheeky take on an old Liquid Crystal tune that will make you smile from ear to ear with its warm washes of euphoria. Team Rave Radio excells once again and we are desperate to hear more from Z-NEO!!!

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