ZSonat – New Beginning

Eerie, excellent techno beats emanate from the new ZSonat ‘New Beginning EP’ on Rising High Records

Since it’s relaunch, Rising High Records has received support and praise from the likes of Laurent Garnier, Sasha and Cristian Varela. This comes as no surprise when releases as good as this ZSonat  EP are coming out of the label. This EP is featured on the front of the Beatport Techno page at the time of writing.

‘Ander’s Niveau’ kicks off the EP, vinyl crackles, broken beats and deep, drilling machine funk being the composite parts of this annihilating, irresistible groove.

‘Bewis Der Veranderung’ has a deliciously jarring quality. Dark, psychotic, twisted and horror like. The thundering beats and snarling synths juxtapose with delicate, melodic keys.

‘CODEX’ slows it down and dials up the fear factor. The beats march to an impending doom while ominous gongs sound off in the mix. A spoken word sample speaks of unity and strength. This is a sparse, dubby and fantastic slice of techno.

‘Saures Intro’ snarls like a Predator emerging from its ship. IDM meets Techno meets David Lynch in this goosebump inducing slice of joyous terror. Industrial kicks find space for spurts of 303 in the midst of the early morning ambience.

No wonder so many legends of the scene are supporting Rising High Records

Buy ZSonat ‘New Beginning’ From Beatport

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